"I went to John Hopkins to quit smoking and I quit with medical hypnosis in Windsor" -- A.J., Meeker, CO

"Hypnosis was relaxing, it cleared my mind and I quit smoking. -- S.B., Ft Collins, CO

Our program to break the smoking habit...

            "Stopping Smoking is easy... I have done it a thousand times." - Mark Twain

     ...is designed for individuals who sincerely want to stop smoking and have not been successful through past efforts.  These attempts may have included group therapy, nicotine gum, or sheer will power. You, yourself, may have successfully stopped in the past only to start again after a personal crisis.

     Our program is individual and of short-term duration. Three visits are required in the first week, followed by one visit the second week and one visit two weeks later. All visits are arranged for the patient's convenience and are completely individual.

     In deciding to start this program, it is essential that you really desire to stop smoking. I cannot make you stop smoking -- or for that matter, make you do anything. I can, however, assist you to become a successful non-smoker if you really want to. No matter how long you have smoked or how much you smoke, you can successfully join the ranks of non-smokers. Our philosophy is not to make you stop smoking, but rather, to help you never start smoking again. With our treatment program very few people have trouble with weight gain or any other problem associated with breaking the smoking habit. It is as though you have entered a new and better life and are happy to be there.

     I need not remind you that the smoking habit is very dangerous, totally useless, and very expensive. Many of our former patients tell us that their lives are so much happier and healthier without smoking.

     Ours is a friendly and informal office, and the experience to stop smoking through hypnosis is much more pleasant than you might expect. You also will be taught self-hypnosis which you will find to be beneficial in many other areas of your life.

     The total fee for this program is $400.00 to be paid at the time of the first visit. This covers the five, one-hour visits necessary to complete the program with each visit logically building on the previous one. Success depends on using all five sessions. The cost of each additional visit is $70.00 up to a maximum of 3 visits.

     Remember, this may be the best investment you will ever make to insure a healthier, happier future for yourself.

     We will enjoy hearing from you and will assist you in any way we can.

Permanent Weight Loss

      Overweight is a symptom of an underlying disorder. People that overeat really don't want to, but they have a compulsion to do so. Compulsions com e from feelings and feelings come from thoughts. We can help you find the (subconscious) thoughts that have led to the feelings that have caused your eating compulsion.

      Diets have helped millions of people to lose weight temporarily. Most people on rapid weight loss programs lose weight and regain even more than they lost. You are a unique individual and what causes a subconscious need for overeating in one person may not apply to you or anyone else.

      This is not a rapid weight loss program. We do not use diets. Medical hypnosis is not a magic trick, it is a process to help you find the underlying reason for your eating compulsion.

      On your first visit a very extensive history will be taken that generally takes an hour or more. On the second session you will be taught hypnosis and you will receive protective suggestions that are given to all patients. You will also receive some general suggestions in regards to eating and eating behavior. In subsequent sessions you will uncover and discard subconscious needs for overeating.

      As you discard these subconscious needs, the suggestions become more and more specific and effective for your particular problem. Initially, we like to see you once a week and gradually the sessions can be spaced further apart. If you really want to deal with th underlying causes of your eating problem, Medical Hypnosis can be the solution for you. When these causes have been removed weight loss can be permanent.

      There are no limits to what you can accomplish with the power of the mind. This may be the best investment you will ever make to insure a healthier, happier future for you.

Surgical and Dental Hypnosis

            In working with patients who are overcome with anxiety and apprehension before surgery or a dental procedure inducting the patient into a hypnotic state will alleviate their fears, reduce their anxiety and apprehension and produce a sensation of relaxation.  Each patient that comes into the office before the procedure will be taught self hypnosis. In minimizing pain, the recovery process will be much easier and healing will occur rapidly.



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